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        I love life right now.  It's awesome!  Things are moving forward in directions I never thought they would but some of them I was expecting/hoping for.

       Oo oo!  I just got Sims 2 for my PSP and it's freakin' AMAZING like CRACK!!  I'm hungry.  My B-day was a blast.  All of my friends were there and I couldn't ask for more than that.  Guava and cream cheese pastries....  What was I saying?  Oh, yeah!  May was a kick-ass month for a lot of people. 

        My parents bought a new house on 25 acres in McAlpin(e?).  My mom turned 53 on the 1st, my life-long friend (Jackie.  Y'all don't know her.) turned 24 on the 16th, I turned 23 on the 19th, Mac turned 24 on the 30th, and Tam turned 21 on the 30th.

       I'm gonna go eat now.

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