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Word-Note-Knitting Confusion Fun

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Man, I just had a very wonderful evening at home with Mer!  We had delicious whole artichokes dipped in warm garlic butter and homemade-from-scratch Special Dark Brownies with Special Dark syrup drizzled on top...mmmmmm.  So wonderful.  I got some knitting done as well.  We had some fun looking into songs to sing but, no practicing happened.  lol

Tomorrow night, I'm not going out so anyone interested in coming over to my house for wine, possibly food, knitting (or some other craft you prefer), music, and relaxed fun, are more than welcome.  Actually, food is pretty likely; people don't usually escape my house unfed or "unwatered"...if they do, it's not because I didn't try. ;)

A fire in the back yard might also happen depending on the mood of the group that gathers.  Anybody here musicians?  Bring an instrument and we'll turn the night into a down-home music festival! lol  If you don't have a crafting or musical bone in your body, feel free to bring food or drink if you wish.  Nothing is required of anyone, though.  I just like entertaining at home and enjoying the company of good people.

Give me a call if you have any questions, comments, or need directions :)  386-365-1584

I don't have a car at my disposal tomorrow until after 11pm since Ari will be at work until then so I unfortunately will not be able to pick anyone up.

Hope to see y'all there!
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