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     My mechanic sucks ass! I'm supposed to be in Jacksonville (where school is) but I'm back in Gainesville tonight because the TRANSMISSION SHOP didn't actually fix my...omg TRANSMISSION! Go fucking figure.  You'd think that someone that dedicates their business to a specific part of a machine,  would actually have a fucking clue about what the hell they are doing in regard to said part.  Oooohhhh, how I would love to have a little heart-to-heart with them about what they are doing with their life...and how it should NOT be in the transmission business.  The damn car is doing the same damn thing I took it to them for.  They supposedly rebuilt my tranny, then waaaaay over-filled it with fluid (four inches PAST the "do not fill past this point" line) so it spewed the fluid all inside my engine bay thing, which started to burn, so I flipped out thinking my engine was about to completely die because there was smoke coming out of my hood and the car keeps slipping out of any gear I put it in.   After getting someone to bleed it out and refill it, I finally made it to school late in one piece.   I was barely able to drag my limping ass back to Gainesville in that piece of shit.   I hate my car.   I don't feel like being thankful that I have one at all...because I practically don't.  I'm not sure I can ever fully trust my car again.   I want a different one.  After I graduate, I can get a NEW one.
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