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Soon to be Married! W edding Information D ate:…

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Soon to be Married!

Wedding Information
Date: 04/26/2009
Time: 5:00pm
Location: If you lost your invitation, ask me or Ari.
Registered @: Bed Bath & Beyond under Bethany Blocker and/or Ari Chase.
To those of you who did not receive an invitation:
       Ari and I want to apologize to those of you left off of the invite list.  Please take no personal offense. Unfortunately, our budget only allows us to invite 150 people and most of it is composed of my family (not kidding, it's huge). We only wish that we could have invited everyone we wanted to, and we feel guilty about it, but there's nothing to be done about it.
       The above information was not provided because we are expecting everyone to get us gifts; it is for those that care to know and don't know who to contact to find out.
        All that we ask for is your understanding, well-wishes, and prayers for a life-long and happy marriage.

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